is part of Antwerp's old city centre

It was opened in 1548 on the site of the former Reyniershof. Leeuwenstraat has well-balanced developed buildings with old cores. The King of Animals, the lion, also had his street here.

Built in the 16th century

Adapted in the 19th century

The apartment building, Leeuwenstraat 11, is a small middle-class house with a traditional core from the first half of the 16th century - under a gable roof (ridge parallel to the street), with wrought-iron wall anchors, wooden beams.

After 2 years of renovation

this old building this old building was converted into an energy-efficient holiday home

In 2017, after a thorough renovation, this old building was integrated with a smart home system and divided into three energy-efficient tourist accommodation units. Each unit is fully furnished with well-equipped kitchen and has its own identical personality

Exceptionally well located.

Right in the historic centre of Antwerp,

The property is located in the historic centre - an ideal base for great restaurants, cafés and attractions (easy access to everything and not noisy. On each side of the street, just 20 metres away, you can enjoy a classic and fancy dinner at Michelin-starred Restaurant T' Fornuis (reservation required) or a simple but delicious breakfast/afternoon tea at Café Goodie Foodie.

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